How Long Does The Flu Last

In order to fully understand how long does the flu last, we must first look at what causes the flu, what the signs and symptoms of the flu are, and how the flu is treated. In this article, we will look at all of this and determine how long does the flu last.

What Causes The Flu

The flu, or Influenza, is an illness that comes from the influenza virus. Most times, a person will get the flu from someone else that already has it. Maybe that person sneezed around you, touched a doorknob that you used, or shook hands with you, and in turn, they spread the virus to you. The flu is a respiratory illness that's is much more common during the winter months, due to the cold and dry weather.

Signs And Symptoms Of The Flu

The particular signs and symptoms of the flu can vary from person to person, but most people will experience a majority of them. Most people will have a headache, chills, a fever as well as body aches. People with the flu will also often feel exhausted and generally sick. Other signs and symptoms often seen by people with the flu is a runny nose, coughing and nausea. Some people will throw up when they have the flu, while others will have all the rest of the symptoms, but will never throw up.

How The Flu Is Treated

There are many anti-viral drugs that a doctor can prescribe you to shorten the amount of time that you have the flu. Purchasing over-the-counter drugs, most times, will not shorten the length of time that you have the flu, but will make you feel much better while you have it.

In general, the best remedy for the flu is a lot of rest, while drinking as many fluids as you can. The liquids help flush the virus out of your system, and they keep you hydrated.

How Long Does Flu Last

Honestly, there isn't a specific period of time that the flu will last, as every person has a different immune system and they vary from being very strong to incredibly weak. In general, the flu will last anywhere from 3 to 9 days, depending on the person's respective immune system. Of course, getting a anti-viral prescription from your doctor will normally speed things up a bit, but the best medicine will always be rest.

When determining how long does the flu last in children, plan on the flu sticking around a little bit longer because children usually have underdeveloped immune systems. The same goes for older people, or for people you often are sick due to their weak immune systems. Also, when you do have the flu, if you don't get the rest you need, it may also take longer for the flu to go away.

Now you know how long does the flu last, and how to treat the flu so you can quickly overcome this dreaded virus and get back to your normal life. Just make sure that you have rested until you have completely recovered to your flu doesn't return.